Plantar Hyperhidrosis /foot sweating

Known as plantar hyperhidrosis, this condition is primarily localized on the foot’s plantar side or bottom. These individuals suffer from excessive sweating of the feet. This can occur in conjunction with palmar hyperhidrosis and could be associated with an overactive sympathetic nervous system.

Feet sweating can exacerbate or lead to issues like plantar warts, athlete’s foot and other skin issues. Its most usual symptom is excessive sweating on feet soles. Other symptoms include the following:

– Foot odor/smelly feet
– Itchy feet
– Increase in skin issues
– Athlete’s foot
– Toenail fungus
– Clamminess

Experiencing feet sweating does not necessarily require you to visit your doctor unless the problem already affects your day to day activities or unless the sweating becomes more than the usual and the OTC treatments can no longer help.

Majority of the cases will call for a change in socks and footwear and the doctor might also suggest changing your hygiene routines or using foot powders. As for cases that are more severe, topical medications like Drysol are used. Every now and then, other procedures like Botox can also be used. Botox can help stop those signals sent by the nerves to the sweat glands that will then result to dry feet.

Many individuals who suffer from plantar hyperhidrosis improve dramatically through ETS procedure.

Lumbar sympathectomy is a new minimally invasive treatment that interrupts the sympathetic to the feet, this procedure is known to be highly successful.

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