Hyperhidrosis can actually be an acquired or congenital trait. When you say congenital, it only means that you have been born with the condition, while acquired means that you have only gotten the condition later in your life after you have been born.

The main cause of this condition is actually the sweat glands that are overactive. There are basically 2 hyperhidrosis types and they are focal and generalized. Focal hyperhidrosis is called primary hyperhidrosis, which occurs in the specific body part such as face, feet’s soles, hands’ palms, and some areas.

Genetics also played a big role to some people who have focal hyperhidrosis. But, you must remember that this is not contagious like others have thought about it. Generalized hyperhidrosis, on the other hand, is called secondary hyperhidrosis. This is a type of hyperhidrosis, which excessive sweating does not only occurs on one part of the body, but all over the body. It’s often caused by some medical conditions including infection, disorder, and chronic disease, which disrupts the natural level of hormones in the body.

Researchers said that interruptions on daily activities and some social disruptions can cause hyperhidrosis.

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