Facial Hyperhidrosis / facial sweating

Facial sweating is yet another irritating problem that men and women alike have to deal with. Excessive sweating on face and forehead is the main symptom of facial hyperhidrosis. It can then be accompanied by rashes and skin irritation, especially if you are continually wiping your face with towels, tissues, and other materials with rough texture. There are instances when facial sweating contributes to the development of spots and when cases are severe, it might even lead to acne. Face sweat can also be accompanied by facial blushing.

Excessive sweating in the face can result from an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Mild social stimuli with stress can cause excessive facial sweating which can also involve the scalp and the neck. Excessive facial sweating may become exacerbated during social contacts and other important social activities. This can lead to being self-conscious and having low self-esteem. While some might not really consider it as a problem, others can suffer from embarrassment.

One of the best treatments for facial sweating is to always carry a gentle and soft sweat towel that you can use for wiping your face when sweat runs down your face, especially if you have to go to work or meet your friends.

If you are aware of certain factors such as emotions like stress can contribute to the worsening of the problem, control the level of your stress or get in touch with a professional to help you out. Medications can also be prescribed by your doctor that can control face sweating. There are also surgical procedures that can treat this condition.

ETS is known to be a very effective way to treat severe facial sweating.

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